I’m a printmaker, a painter, an artist.

About me

A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind – Eugene Ionesco

I’m a printmaker, a painter, an artist. I’ve been an artist – at my core – all my life however, the last 30 years I’ve worked in the printing industry and only recently have been able to get back to my roots, creating artwork full time. I started a career in college receiving a B.A. in fine art after which I did graduate work in printmaking and painting. Since then I have been involved in continuing education at the Art Student’s League of Denver.

People, places and things are what inspire me. Simple, yet these are the things that are around us all the time and make up our daily lives. I’m drawn to strong design, composition and color and strive to utilize these elements in my work.

I enjoy the process of making art and love it when spontaneity takes over to produce an unexpected result. I want my artwork to invoke joy, curiosity and pleasure in others. I invite you on my adventure and I hope you enjoy my work.

Contact me by email at kathielucas@comcast.net